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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Service My Parlour?

















For more detailed product service information please see individual product service sheets HERE


How Often Should I Change My Liners?

To get the best performance and animal comfort from your MS liners, they should be changed regularly (every 2,500 milkings or six months, whichever comes sooner). 

Frequent liner replacement will reduce risk of contamination and spread of mastitis.

Liner changes depend on how frequently you are milking and how many milking points you have. For more detailed information on when to change your liners please see our data sheets HERE

Is there a Minimum Order Value?

There is no minimum order

How Much is your Delivery Charge?

Delivery depends on the value of your order and where in the world you are based.

We offer free delivery for UK orders over £1,000 (excluding VAT) and Western European orders over €1,000. Delivery charges for smaller and worldwide orders are applied at cost (minimum charge £15/€35). Delivery charges are kept to a minimum and, where possible, parcels under 2Kg are sent using Royal Mail ‘Signed For’ service.

Bulky or heavy orders will incur additional delivery charges.

Please contact us for a delivery quote.

What Payment Methods do you Accept?

We are happy to accept payment via BACS (direct bank transfer) or you may be eligible to set up an account with us (subject to credit references).

We can also accept £ Sterling credit card payments.

What Currencies can I pay with?

Payments can be made either in Euros or £ Sterling.

Which Languages do you Transact in?

Invoicing is available in English, French, German and Dutch

If you need help and advice please feel free to email us in any language.

Can I ask for my Delivery to be Made to an Alternative Address? 

Yes, but please note that any delivery charges will relate to the alternative delivery address provided. There are also VAT implications of sending export orders to UK addresses and vice-versa.

What is your Returns Policy? 

All returns must be accompanied by a reason for return, details of any fault and the original invoice number. Goods for return cannot be collected. Claims must be notified in writing within seven days of reciept of goods for damages or shortages and for non-delivery of products within seven days of receipt of invoice

There is a 15% handling charge for goods returned for restocking.

How Quickly do you Deliver Orders?

We carry high stock levels, which means that we can usually provide a very fast, efficient delivery service.

From receipt of order payment, delivery is usually: - one day to the UK - three days to Western Europe - five-seven days to the rest of the world

How much Milk do Dairy Animals Produce each day?

Cows will produce 6-10 gallons  (from 24 litres) of milk each day on average, and most dairy cows are milked two to three times per day. Butterfat around 3% but content is a highly heritable trait and very variable. They lactate for up to 300 days per annum.

Buffalo will produce 7 - 11 litres a day. Average lactation yield is vary from 1500-2500 kg. Butter fat content is around 6 - 7%

Dairy sheep will produce 1-2 litres / (from ½ gallon) a day, 5.5% butterfat & 5% protein.. Sheep tend to have a 150-200 day lactation.

Dairy goats vary from 1 - 9 litres a day (from ½ gallon) in summer to half that or less in winter, according to the breed. Butterfat can range from 1% to 10%+ depending on the breed.

Camels will produce around 6 litres (1½ gallons) per day. Butter fat content is around 3 - 4%