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MES is an integral part of Milking Solutions (UK) Ltd. It highlights the excellent range of milking equipment successfully built up by the company over the last 20 years. We are an independent wholly owned family business based in Wales UK with team members with over 35 years’ experience in the industry.

We are manufacturers, suppliers and global distributors of highly functional milking equipment. This high-quality milking equipment is based on tried and tested designs that provide reliable, durable and efficient animal friendly milking.

This Milking Equipment is designed with maximum repairability in mind and backed up with a huge spare parts inventory in place in the UK with a commitment to long term Milking Equipment spare parts supply.

We believe we are unique in offering several products in a “range of colours” to better suite customers own branding. In some cases, products and equipment can be modified to suite particular customer needs. This equipment is often utilized to provide a cost-effective milking machine upgrade to existing milking parlours to improve milking performance and reduce operator workload / milking time.

Our range of Milking Equipment fits most types of Milking Machines including Pipeline Milking, Jar Milking Parlours, Direct to line Milking Machines, Herringbone Milking Machines, Rotary Milking Machines and Milking Robots.

We are fundamentally “a supplier to the trade”. We purposely maintain a low brand profile subordinate to our customer’s own brand. Customers typically include a New Zealand dairy service company buying one milking pulsator in high volumes to a large Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) buying a single plastic moulded part or another OEM buying several products including Milking Clusters, Wash Jetters, Pulsators & Diaphragm Valves to integrate with their own branded milking machine offering.

We aim to provide a “One Stop Shop” for milking equipment. To aid this and complete our range we also supply high quality products from other prestigious manufactures.

Our company provides a high level of service and is easy to do business with. We respect and are grateful to our customers with whom we aim to develop a long-term mutually beneficial partnership. We look forward to working with you to solve your Milking Equipment needs and developing a positive long term confidential B2B relationship.